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The Fascial Fitness course has exercises and practical suggestions within it, but Fascial Fitness is not a hands-on course like our Fascial Release for Structural Balance or Anatomy Trains short courses. It covers what the latest fascial research tells us about how to train people. Thus it applies to personal trainers, Pilates Teachers, athletic coaches, and remedial exercise folks more than bodyworkers per se. Bodyworkers will certainly learn a lot about fascia - about stretch, injury, recovery, etc - but not much in the way of manual therapy techniques - for those, come to an Anatomy Trains Manual weekend. The focus is on fascial plasticity, hydration, histological responses, and techniques within training that will enhance fascial strength, resilience, and coordination.

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Fascial Fitness
with Divo Muller
and Dr. Robert Schleip
Castellon, Spain
June 10-11